Red Letter Day

Walking Festival tickets go on sale

September 1st 2011 is a red letter day for the Monmouthshire Walking Festival as tickets go on sale for the first time and the committee wait with baited breath to see the audience response.

The idea of a Walking Festival is not new to Monmouthshire but is now privately run by a group of four who aim to broaden its scope and its appeal as the new programme makes clear.

“We have set about working in a different way – by contacting local societies and asking them to create a walk with us we can introduce people to everything from badger watching to astronomy, local history to Nordic Walking,” said Chairperson Clare Scutts.

The programme comprises ten days of walks with literally something for everyone – at least one ‘serious’ walk a day and then a special interest event which helps us discover a little more about what’s going on in Monmouthshire.

The Festival runs from 21st – 31st October 2011, everything is ticketed and all walks are limited to 15 people to make sure the group moves at a suitable pace. Outlines of each walk can be found on the website Tickets can be bought online or via Tourist Information Centres and once you purchase a ticket you gain start and finish times contact details and equipment briefings.

As the Festival is a start up, the organisers are heavily reliant on good word of mouth. Clare added, “Join us on Facebook, tell your friends and family, download one of our posters and post it in your village – the Festival is all about chipping in and everyone can help in making the Festival a success.”

1st September 2011

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