Families on Foot

Walk Leader: Morag Sinton

Date: Saturday 20th October 2012 14:00p.m.

Start & finish point: The Crown, Pantygelli (SO30118).

Distance: 4 miles at most

Time to walk: Approx 3 hours

Description: A walk for families with children aged from about 5 to 12, taking in streams and woodland at the foot of Deri and Bryn Arw. We plan to enjoy some natural activities as we go round, which may include finding nuts and berries, watching wildlife and experiencing the timeless pleasures of mud and water. All children must bring a responsible adult.

Terrain: Rough paths through farmland, woods and by streams. Some slopes and a number of stiles. Expect some mud.

For your rucksack: Bring a drink and snacks. Wellies can be worn. Waterproofs and warm clothing.

Price: £2.50 per child and £2.50 per adult

This walk is no longer on sale.

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